The 8 Sources of Power

Power is the outward expression of inward strength and confidence in a situation. Power comes from many places, what I like to call the 8 Sources of Power: Power of position comes from a position you hold. Positions of power can be either appointed, elected or created by oneself. An appointed position generally means that others

Think Like Frank Underwood

Frank Underwood is a a perfect example of the modern Machiavellian. The term Machiavellian arose after the publication of The Prince in 1512. The Prince (Il Principe) was a political treatise by Italian diplomat Niccolò Machiavelli and is undoubtedly his most famous work. A Machiavellian is someone who values political expediency over morals and is willing to use deceit and fear

Differentiating Yourself When You Sell The Same Product As Everyone Else

As a former Maplin employee, there was one problem the web team came up against over and over – how do we differentiate ourselves when we sell the same products as our competitors? It’s a very tricky question and is often answered with: provide exceptional service and offer a personal touch. Both of these are good principles

The Interchangeable Wardrobe

I first discovered the idea of a slimmed-down, interchangeable wardrobe when I stumbled upon Barron Cuado’s blog – Effortless Gent. Barron preaches the idea of a Lean Wardrobe. The idea of a lean wardrobe is simple, it’s an approach to building a versatile, wardrobe with only a few essential items. These items can be effortlessly

Rebuild Your Entire Wardrobe With 16 Items

Like a lot of people, when I saw Crazy, Stupid Love and Ryan Gosling’s character explains to his clueless student that “you can rebuild your entire wardrobe with, like, 16 items” I was intrigued. Only 16 items, really? I did a fair amount of research and found that actually, while 16 items may be a little low

What Is Your Blog About?

Every so often I get the urge to rewrite the About section of the blog and each time I struggle with answering the same question: what is my blog about? I think, as is the case for a lot of blogs, mine lacks focus. I initially started the blog to write about marketing. I was taking a

How to Think Like Harvey Specter

If you’ve seen Suits, then you know why I’ve chosen to focus on Harvey Specter over Mike Ross. As incredible as Mike Ross’s photographic memory is, it’s not something that can be learned, you’re just born with it. Harvey Specter on the other hand has a whole bunch of skills and traits which can be

Web Development for Marketers: What Do You Need to Know?

A trend has arisen in the past 5 years, but has become increasing prevalent in the past 12 months of job descriptions for marketers and ecommerce managers including requirements to have working knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript (Photoshop is cropping up regularly too). Many marketers work primarily online and so an understanding and limitation of the fundamentals

7 Ecommerce Design Trends for Summer 2014

Web design is ever evolving and trend can rise and fall in a matter of months especially when conversion optimisation comes into play. The following trends have all been around for a little while but are being adapted into an increasing number of websites: Flat UI – iOS 7 and Windows 8 are credited with

First-Time Uncle: I’m an uncle, now what?

This post is slightly different to my usual, but a topic I’m definitely excited about. As of 4 days ago (06/02/2014) I am an uncle and at 24 and with no kids of my own yet being a first-time uncle is a bit of an odd situation. If you’re in the same situation as me